Install CoreOS on ProxMox from ISO

Install CoreOS as VM

CoreOS is a lean Linux operating system meant for containers like Docker and RKT. This tutorial will show how to install CoreOS on ProxMox. If you like to know how to install ProxMox please visit our tutorial on how to install ProxMox here

Download CoreOS ISO

  • Browse to CoreOS download location to download a stable version of CoreOS
  • Download CoreOS

Screen : CoreOS Download
CoreOS Download

Upload CoreOS iso to ProxMox

  • Open ProxMox Web admin console on your browser and log in.
  • Select “Server View” from top left.
  • Expand “Datacenter” until you see storage options.
  • Click on “local (pve)” storage icon.
  • Click “Content” tab from middle panel.
  • Click “Upload” button.

Screen: ProxMox Storages
ProxMox Storages

Create Virtual Machine

  • Click “Create VM” button to start the process of creating a new virtual machine.
  • You will be presented with a pop up box “Create Virtual Machine”. Provide a name for the virtual machine. Click “Next”.

Screen : Create Virtual Machine
Create Virtual Machine

  • Select Operating system. Choose Linux 4.X/3.X/2.6 Kernel

Screen : Select Operating system
Select Operating system

At “CD/DVD” section select the CoreOS ISO that was uploaded earlier. Click “Next”.

Screen : Select ISO
Select ISO

Accept the default selection of hard disk type and size with SCSI with 32 GB. Click “Next”.

Screen : Select hard disk type and size.

  • Select processor “Sockets”, this will default to one if you just have one cpu in your hardware. Select “Cores”, this will let you select number of cores. My hardware has Intel i5 cpu and has 4 cores. However the selector let me select more than 4. Not sure if ProxMox actually interrogates hardware and not sure why the GUI let me select more than what I have in my hardware. For “Type” I kept the default kvm64 as my hardware is capable of Intel virtualization technology VT-x. Click “Next”.

Screen: Select CPU
Select CPU

  • In “Memory” section select at least 1024. CoreOS installation from ISO requires that you have at least 1024. Not sure why though.

Screen : Memory

  • In “Network” section I have selected the default “bridged” mode. This mode will let the VM share the actual physical NIC card.

Screen : Network

  • At “Confirm” tab, view your settings and click “Finish”

Screen : Finish

After a few moments a virtual machine with selected settings will be created.
Select newly created VM and click “Start”.

Screen : Start VM
Start VM

  • After a few moments virtual machine will be in started mode. Click on “Console” button from the middlel pane. You should be presented with a terminal.

Screen : Console

  • This terminal is from CoreOS live ISO in live mode. The OS still hasn’t been installed to hard disk. Next section will show how to install CoreOS from an ISO image.

Install CoreOS to Harddisk

  • In the terminal type in the following to create a cloud-config.yml with an ecnrypted password that you are going to use for CoreOS user that you are going to soon create.
openssl passwd -1 > cloud-config.yml
  • Now using “vi” edit cloud-config.yml
$ sudo vi cloud-config.yml
  • Edit the config file to add lines shown here. Substitue name with your prefered user name. Make the user belong to sudo and docker group. Please edit this file with the shown content exactly as is as far as the placement of spaces, and please avoid using tab.
  - name: coreuser
    passwd: $1$QJq0Z7rL$GjaetUaSVEU0hM5N3VKpn.
      - sudo
      - docker
  • Make sure the edited file conforms to yml rules. Use the following command to validate the yml file
coreos-cloudinit -validate --from-file cloud-config.yml
  • Now install CoreOS to hard disk using the following command. The installed will download artifacts from online so your internet connection must be active.
sudo coreos-install -d /dev/sda -C stable -c cloud-config.yml

after a successful install , detach cd-rom media and then reboot

sudo reboot
  • Login using your uid and pwd.
  • CoreOS VM install is now complete.

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